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Jacob Jensen Hommes

Les montres Jacob Jensen homme ont un design intemporel et minimaliste. La plupart des montres Jacob Jensen ont un boitier d’environ 38 mm de diamètre. Ceci est un format raffiné pour les montres homme. Par conséquent, les montres Jacob Jensen homme sont également adaptées pour les femmes. Les montres Jacob Jensen homme ont un look unique et seront reconnues à distance par les amateurs de design.

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Classic and innovative

The collection Jacob Jensen men's watches contains both classic models that were designed by founder Jacob in the eighties and nineties, as innovative designer watches by son Timothy Jacob. Timothy has succeeded his father, who died in 2015, as director and chief designer of the company and that is reflected in the consistent designs that are still of high quality. Nevertheless, small differences can also be seen. The new watch lines contain just a little more often a colourful accent or a tinted leather band.

Our collection Jacob Jensen men's watches

Our collection consists of more than 70 watches for men. The watches are made of high quality materials, such as lightweight titanium and sapphire crystal. And you can tell; The finish is beautiful. Take a look at our Jacob Jensen watch outlet where you can purchase these quality watches for a greatly reduced price.

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