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Bruno Söhnle

Bruno Söhnle watches are the perfect entry into the world of Glashütte watchmaking. Elegant, timeless designs make a Bruno Söhnle watch a prime example of stylistic confidence: combining individuality, personality, and the fascinating diversity of time. Powered by precision Swiss movements modified to Bruno Söhle’s specifications and assembled by hand in Germany, these watches offer supreme quality for an affordable price.

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26 montres

Where are Bruno Söhnle watches made?

Bruno Söhnle watches are all assembled by hand in their atelier in Glashütte, Germany. The brand is a Söhnle family and owner-managed company that has a policy of utilizing short decision-making paths and considers itself, along with its employees and global partners, a big family.

History of Bruno Söhnle watches

At the age of only 17 Bruno Söhnle started working in the watch factory belonging to his brother, which was located in Swabian Wurmberg. There he does promotion and sales for several well known brands such as Mühle, Nautische Instrumente Glashütte.

As a gift to himself for his 60th birthday, Bruno Söhnle establishes his own watch brand in Saxon Glashütte. The beginning of the Bruno Söhnle watch company we know today.

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