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Montres XXL : parce que parfois, la largeur n'est pas assez grande

In the mid nineteeneighties, the average size of a man's watch was 32-34 mm, until Cartier released a 38 mm gents watch. At the time, this was considered a huge watch, but today 38 mm is on the small side for a men's watch. Ladies watches today are are an average of 38 - 40 mm. Still these sizes are not big enough for many. Several brands offer large, extra large or XXL watches. Some models even reach up to 60 mm!  On this page we have assembled  all of our XXL watches for men and women from 50 mm upwards. Our collection features well known brands such as TW Steel, Kyboe!, Diesel, G-Shock, Police and Haemmer. With the finder below you can narrow your search for the perfect XL watch even further.

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