Montres Superdry

Montres Superdry

Les montres Scuba ont des cadrans colorés et des profils speciaux amovibles. Le look vintage des montres un un unique look robuste, mais ont un bracelet en cuir suprêmement doux et un boitier robuste en acier. Le design des montres Superdry est casual et moderne et par conséquent vacparfaitement avec la mode de jean d'aujourd'hui.
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Le style excitant Superdry

Superdry is a trendy lifestyle brand that focuses on high quality products. Superdry watches are an exciting mix of vintage Americana, Japanese-style graphics and a British base.

Super Group, the Superdry manufacturer has been around since 1985, but the brand Superdry didn’t become big until 2004. A year earlier, the man behind Superdry went to Japan for a trip. It became one of the most extraordinary experiences of his life; he was overwhelmed by the impressive culture, but above all overwhelmed by the Japanese fashion and design industry. Back in London, he combined the unprecedented, unique Japanese elements with craftsmanship from London and American vintage style. This created Superdry’s unique style. 

Nowadays, Superdry has 515 stores in over 46 countries and this number is growing by the day. The brand produces clothing,  sneakers, headphones and, last but not least, watches!

Our Superdry collection 

Our Superdry collection consists of both men’s watches and ladies watches divided in multiple lines: Scuba, Scuba Rocks, Tokyo, Harpoon, Deep Sea Scuba, Adventurer, Thor Super Luxe en Aviation Equipment. 

Superdry Scuba watches

The unisex watches from the basic "Scuba" collection are characterized by the stainless steel case, removable guardrail and the coloured silicone strap. The watches are clearly readable by the ciphered dial. In addition, all Scuba watches are 10 ATM water resistant. 

Superdry Scuba Rocks watches 

Scuba Rocks watches have a sporty-chic design with a touch of glamor. The watches have a sturdy, gold-plated, rose gold or black stainless steel case combined with a colorful dial and a rubber strap. The glittering crystals add a glamorous accent to the sporty and 10 ATM waterproof design.

Superdry Tokyo watches 

Superdry Tokyo watches have an urban look with cool Japanese graphics on the dial and a rubber strap. 

Superdry Harpoon watches 

The 'Scuba Harpoon' line has a casual sporty design. The collection consists of 10 ATM waterproof watches with a robust, stainless steel 47 mm case and a rubber strap and ring in black or orange.

Superdry Deep Sea Scuba watches and Superdry Adventurer watches: for the adventurous types 

With 10 ATM water resistance and a stylish yet bold design, this multifunction watches are the perfect choice for the more adventurous type. The watches are made of high quality stainless steel and powered by Japanese Miyota quartz movement.

In the ‘Thor Super Deluxe’ and ‘Aviation Equipment’ collection the Americana Vintage style of Superdry is represented.

Scuba watches are delivered in a stylish travel case with snap hook.